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Article standards

  1. Submit posts in wp dashboard .
  2. The average word count for a blog post is over 500 words.
  3. Plagiarism is not accepted. Please provide citations for quotes, numbers, and external contentclusions so we know where you sourced it. Without citations, your article will be rejected. Text will be removed in the event of a copyright violation. Make sure that your images are free to use before you post them!
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  5. If you need to publish an article for commercial application or software, you will be charged a one time fee.

Editorial notes

  1. Your submission can be a new, previously unpublished piece of content as long as you’ve discussed it and it has been approved by the both parties.
  2. It is important for content to be related to a wide audience, otherwise it will seem outdated and unnecessary..
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  4. Upon publishing, DirectCyberTech will assume ownership of the content and it cannot be published elsewhere. 
  5. If your article does not meet our requirements or is in need of editing, DirectCyberTech reserves the right to reject your submission without providing any feedback..

Prohibited content

  1. Content published on DirectCyberTech is publicly available and might not be the freshest. You can review our blog to see if similar content has been published..
  2. Anything that is offensive and/or inaccurate.
  3. Articles that are too critical of any company or individual.


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