Top 10 Contact Form Plugins

Are you looking to add a contact form on your WordPress site? Not sure which one of the 1625+ WordPress contact form plugins to use? In this article, we have hand-picked the 5 best contact form plugins for WordPress and compared their pros and cons, so you can easily add a contact form in WordPress.

8 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Contact forms can provide invaluable data and insights for your business, which is why it’s all the more important to find the best contact form plugins that work well with your WordPress platform. You can also check out our extensive list of free contact form options to get started today.

in this blog, we’ve researched the best free customization options in WordPress so you can find the perfect one for your site.

What is the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

Finding the best WordPress form plugin mostly depends on what you need it for. This includes:

You should consider premium contact form plugins if you need more advanced features. Free plugins are good for basic needs, but you may find yourself overwhelmed by any forms with complex intricacies.

Here are the best WordPress plugins for forms, ordered by popularity.

Table Of Contents

  1. 1. WPForms – Best Contact Form Plugin

  2. 2. Formidable Forms

  3. 3. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

  4. 4. Ninja Forms

  5. 5. Gravity Forms

  6. 6. Caldera Forms

  7. 7. Contact Form 7

  8. 8. Jetpack Forms

1. WPForms – Best Contact Form Plugin

WPforms is a powerful WordPress contact form designed for even the most novice of website owners. Building online forms in minutes using one of the many pre-built WordPress form templates, this plugin provides all of the fields and features required. Send your service to your customers with email notifications for promotions, new arrivals, or even when they’ve bought something in the past. It saves time & effort by supporting your preferred email service provider & being able to integrate easily. It’s also able to collect payments in many ways which make entering in all this data super easy

With WPForms, you can:

  • Build your own custom forms with the drag and drop form builder.

  • Be able to easily engage with your leads and follow up as you see fit by utilizing the instant notification feature.

  • Take advantage of the geolocation data available to you and make decisions based on what your users want & need. You can then increase engagement by giving timely updates or new content that is relevant to them.

Submitting your content to WPForms is easy with a few clicks of a button. You can also add different buttons for social media posts, newsletter subscriptions, email alerts, and more. WPForms makes handling all these functions easy!

Lastly, the beginner-friendly WordPress plugin implements smart CAPTCHA and honeypot techniques for combating spam. It also allows for multi-page form creation which streamlines your workflow with its entry management system.

There are free options available for your website. However, there are also paid options that will unlock access to more powerful features.

WPForms is one of the most feature-packed and user-friendly forms builders on the market today. Whether you need an online form, a contact form or a quote form, you’ll be able to easily implement them with this powerful content-building tool.

WPForms Pricing

WPForms Pro starts at $39.50 per year, so this is a great opportunity to try out all of the features that you need in one plugin. You can always use WPForm Lite to see what’s included before upgrading!

2. Formidable Forms

Some popular WordPress contact form plugins are Formidable Forms with advanced features & Gutenberg with innovative features.

Forms are a crucial part of any online business, with form builders like WordPress’ own powerful and easy-to-use Formidable Forms.

Its powerful addons and drag-and-drop builder helps you create advanced forms such as new membership applications, surveys, checkout pages, etc.

  • Payment forms

  • Profile forms

  • Event Registration forms

  • Compex survey forms

  • Quizzes

This feature allows you to quickly design useful components of your website. It’s perfect for creating job-board listings, rating systems, calendars, and much more.

With the advanced calculation fields in our comparables, you can build more complex order forms, mortgage calculators, and quote calculators.

You can also integrate WooCommerce with your email marketing and payment systems. Plus, for those who use WooCommerce, there’s now integration as well.

Even though Formidable Forms isn’t as streamlined as WPForms, it still offers a much wider range of features.

On the other hand, for developers or agencies looking to make the most of their content, Formidable Forms will provide them with data-driven features and advanced robustness.

Formidable Forms Pricing

Even better, Formidable Forms starts at $49 per year with a 14-day guarantee!

3. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

You can now create a contact form with WordPress and HubSpot, which is free and easy to use. The plugin also supports Facebook Ads as well as the rest of the tools that you might need for marketing or sales.

You can start from a contact form template that’s been pre-built with the drag and drop builder. Then you can customize everything using zero code.

You can use HubSpot to create contact forms for your company or blog.

  • Registration forms

  • Newsletter signup forms

  • Event registration forms

  • And more

Let HubSpot create a form on your website to collect data from your visitors. Once the form is submitted, all of the submissions and contact details will automatically be saved to your free HubSpot customer relationship manager.

You can also send customized email notifications, or send a sequence of multiple emails to your subscribers after someone submits the form. Beyond this, you’re able to launch an email campaign with customizable templates that are relevant to the recipient’s values.

Hubspot has chatbot features that are designed to create more conversational contact methods.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin Pricing

You can use three free options to manage your contacts in HubSpot, WordPress & CRM.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a free WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to create interactive forms with minimal effort. However, it has basic features only on the lower, free plan while more advanced needs can be taken care of by its paid version.

Because a free version of the plugin is available, you’re able to activate it on as many WordPress websites as you want. This makes it easy to build a simple contact form for instance.

Your templates have an impressive number of premium add-ons that can help you extend the functionality of your forms, including:

  • The use of conditional logic in form building is becoming more and more common. This enables you to create forms that respond to the individual needs of your customers, making them all the more dynamic and useful for use at work.

  • Create multi-part forms

  • With a drag & drop interface, form builders have made it possible to create highly interactive forms to get what you need from people.

  • Allow users to upload files

  • Integrate with Zapier

  • Add payment options

Free documentation provides everything you need to set up forms.

The pro version of Ninja Forms is available for more features, including mobile app development. It also lets you customize the form design more widely.

Ninja Forms Pricing

Ninja Forms is a free contact form plugin, but you’ll need the premium version to get the best use out of it. It starts at $99 per year.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravy Forms is a WordPress form builder plugin that’s packed with advanced features. Developers can use this plugin to build forms that need more sophisticated options like Formidable Forms.

Gravity Forms is a powerful drag and drop form builder for WordPress that you’ll need to pay for.

Yeah, you bet. With licenses at your disposal, you can build forms of any shape and size.

  • Quizzes

  • Web directories

  • User-submitted content

  • Customer order forms

  • Subscription form

  • Survey forms

In addition, you can always find help with their support forums, FAQs, email, knowledge base and more.

There is no free version of Gravity Forms. The cost of the plugin compared to other options is higher, but if you’re using it for multiple sites it should be worth the investment in the long run.

Gravity Forms Pricing

Gravity Forms start at just $59/year

6. Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is one of the best contact form plugins available for free. The plugin claims to offer all the features you’d want from a form builder.

The intuitive drag and drop interface lets you build solid contact forms in no time at all. Plus, it has more advanced features to help you create complex forms.

The free version of Caldera forms helps you add the following features to your WordPress forms:

  • Unlimited and fancy fields

  • Multi-page forms

  • Conditional logic

  • Create WordPress posts

They have a wide range of add-ons that they can use to expand your form functionality with, including payment options, geolocation, & more. They also provide a high quality content in an efficient manner.

Caldera Forms is a free WordPress plugin that’s actually quite easy to use without too much manual input. There are also cheaper options on the list which are more comprehensive than Caldera Forms.

Caldera Forms Pricing

Caldera Forms has free options that are limited but it also has premium addons that are very useful.

7. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress plugins- it has been downloaded over 10 million times. It’s also one of the oldest contact forms around, with this being its second release!

Contact form 7 is a free plugin that lets you build & customize multiple contact forms for your website. It also offers an easy upload process so you can use the same form across multiple sites.

Contact Form 7 has a lot of great features, including spam filtering with Akismet, simple markup, and Ajax-powered submitting. When you install third-party plugins, they can help extend its functionality even further.

Contact Form 7 might not be a very user-friendly option at first, but it has its advantages in that you can set it up without needing to have a good understanding of code languages. It provides an intuitive user interface

Enabling plugins is an integral part of your forms because it adds functionality without needing to redesign them. It also takes the stress out of looking for resources in a directory.

Contact Form 7 Pricing

A beautiful, free form plugin for WordPress that allows you to add forms into your site, free of charge!

8. Jetpack Forms

Jetpack Forms is one of the best plugins to have when it comes to WordPress. There are a lot of features being included in the software for users who want them at their fingertips.

If you want to create a form for your website or blog, then the free version of this plugin will provide you with prebuilt forms that are easy to use. Over the years, we’ve added many more different types of pre-made forms and we would love for you to give it a try.

  • Feedback

  • Newsletter signup

  • Appointment

  • Registration

This plugin integrates pretty well with the WordPress block editor. You can:

  • Build customized forms with blocks

  • Adjust all form settings right in your post or page editor

  • Integrate Akismet to stop contact from spam

It’s perfectly designed for those with commercial WordPress plugins already installed on their site.

One issue with using Jetpack to build your contact form is that it comes packaged with a lot of add-ons. It’s possible to disable them, but they add up on the page and can push you towards using a more minimal solution.

Average Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars from 1500+ reviews.

Jetpack Pricing

Included in the free version.

Which Is The Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

WPForms is a simple plugin. It is ideal for those managing a blog website or due to budget constraints, starting a new website. WPForms has all the features that most small businesses and bloggers look out for and it can be used on any type of website without too much trouble with installation or maintenance.

WPForms is a great tool for developing forms in WordPress. It’s easy to set up, offers beginner-friendly features, and provides an easy transition into web development with WordPress without the need for coding knowledge.

If you need calculations, we recommend Formidable Forms. It’s aimed at a business audience that wants to build advanced forms but still has an intuitive user interface.

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